Top 20 Places to Visit in Mauritius in 2021 to Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation

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Mauritius is a perfect getaway for all those who want to go on a tropical getaway. It’s white sand beaches, crystal clear water, historic museums, busy streets makes it a perfect getaway for you. Before  you pack your back for Mauritius you must take a note of Mauritius temperature for the concerned month and carry clothes accordingly. So, find below the list of places to visit in Mauritius during your next travel plan.

Top 20 Most Stunning Places to Visit in Mauritius

The tropical weather of the island attracts tourists throughout the year, yet its local cuisines, cultural diversity, adventurous places, rich flora and fauna makes the island a top place to visit in your next travel itinerary. So gear up all your energy to go ahead on this thrilling vacation. Here is a list of top 25 places which you must visit in Mauritius 2021.

1. Ile Aux Cerfs

Located at the east coast of the island Ile Aux Cerfs is a perfect place for all watersport lovers. It is one of the top most places of interest in Mauritius among people travelling with their friends to enjoy heart throbbing water sports activities. 

How to hit: The shortest and fastest way to reach Ile Aux Cerf is to take a jetty from Pointe Maurice or one can take a taxi boat from Trou D’eau Douce. 

Activities to do: Snorkelling, admiring turquoise coral reef lagoon, parasailing, banana ride, wakeboarding and waterskiing.

2. Le Morne

The beach got its name from a 550m high Le Morne Brabant Mountain. One can enjoy the most photographic scenes at the beach. The place has a cultural significance too, as it reminds one of the tragic history about runaway slaves who committed suicide at the place. 

How to hit: You can take a car rental in le Morne and drive to this beautiful place. 

Activities to do: The place is famous for all water sports activities such as windsurfing, kite surfing and scuba diving because of the crystal clear blue waters you can experience the best of marine life. 

3. Pereybere

Pereybere beach is among one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Because of the deep sea water on the beach it is famous for all water sports activities especially deep sea diving and snorkelling. If you love to take a look at sea life then you can deep dive into the waters of Pereybere and experience a mesmerizing underwater view. 

How to hit: Easiest way to reach Pereybere is take a car rental from Grand baie which is just 2 kms away from the Pereybere beach. 

Activities to do: Scuba Diving, Kayaking, parasailing, deep sea fishing are some of the enthralling water sport activities to do in Pereybere beach. 

4. Tamarin Waterfalls

Also known as the 7 cascades, the waterfall is one of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in Mauritius. One can experience a lush greenery all around on his visit to Tamarin waterfalls, if you love to adore the beauty of nature and want to spend some quality time in nature’s lap then this place is a must to go on your visit to Mauritius in 2021. 

How to hit: Best way to reach Tamarin waterfalls is to go for a car rental in Tamarin and if time permits you can also board a bus to Heneritta. 

Activities to do: Hiking, Cliff Jumping, birdwatching in the dense forests are some of the famous activities to do in Tamarin Waterfalls.

5. Eureka House

Located at the side of river Moka, the house was built in 1830 by british and french aristocrats, the architecture of the house is itself breathtaking with 109 doors and windows in the house. If you have a keen interest in exploring the ancient architecture and history then this is the best place in Mauritius to visit.

How to hit: One can hire a car rental in Port Louis or at Mauritius Airport to reach Eureka House. Some private buses also run on the route but it takes a lot of time. 

Activities to do: Go for a traditional Mauritian lunch and take a stroll at Eureka Gardens nearby to soothe your soul.

6. Grand Baie Bazaar

The Grand Baie bazaar is among the major Mauritius tourist places. If you love shopping then this is a must visit place on your list. One can take many varieties of souvenirs for their loved ones from this place. 

How to hit: One has to walk through Royal road to reach the Grand Baie bazaar and also if you are staying in one of the hotels at Port Louis then it is just a 9mins walk away route.

 Activities to do: Go for traditional handmade handicrafts shopping and dine at some local restaurants to taste the traditional flavour.

7. Flic En Flac

There are many amazing places of interest in Mauritius, one such is Flic En Flac Beach. Nothing is better than taking a long walk with your loved ones at the island’s longest beach, Flic En Flac. The white sand, crystal clear waters and coral reefs surrounding the beach are enough to grab one’s attention. You can also arrange for a perfect candle night dinner date with your loved one at any of the amazing restaurants nearby.

How to hit: Hire a car rental in Port Louis or a bus service to reach Flic En Flac. 

Activities to do: Go for a spa therapy at the resorts nearby, get some jaw dropping views of dolphin splashing in sea waves, diving, shopping, visiting martello tower museum and fishing. 

8. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

If you love to explore the wide variety of flora then Pamplemousses Botanical Garden situated near the capital city of Port Louis is your destination. It is one of the most ancient botanical gardens of the Southern Hemisphere of Mauritius.  

How to hit: You can hire a car rental from Port Louis to visit the place. The entry to the botanical garden is free for children below 5 years of age whereas there is a small fee for Adults. The garden is open 7 days a week. 

Activities to do: Explore the rich and wide variety flora especially water lilies.

9. Belle Mare Plage

The place is amazing to soak yourself into vitamin C at the time of early sunrise. Experience the best of sunrise and sunset at the Belle Mare Plage along with some water sports activities such as Windsurfing, diving, and swimming. 

How to hit: The place is just 42 kms away from the airport so taking a car rental Airport is a great option. 

Activities to do: Visit art gallery, go for aquaventure, diving, belinda boat tours and golf.

10. Ilot Gabriel Beach

It is one of the beautiful beaches on the island surrounded by coral reefs all around. Located at the northern coast of the island the beach is famous for catamaran cruise and also liked by people who wish to adore the beauty of nature in a very calm and quiet manner. One can hop onto the beach at any time of the year.Away from the crowd the beach is a perfect place to see in Mauritius

How to hit: Ilot Gabriel beach can be easily reached by taking a boat ride from Grand bay or pereybere beach or one can also land through catamaran cruise. 

Activities to do: Snorkelling

11. Chamarel Coloured Earth

Give your eye a treat of Chamarel Seven coloured earth. It always remains at the top in Mauritius tourist places with its unbelievable attraction among travelers all the time. The earth here is of 7 colours, even if you take a pinch of sand and mix it, the sand has an inherent quality of getting separated from each other and forming a layer of 7 different colours. 

How to hit:Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance

12. Black River Gorges National park

Located at the south western part of Mauritius, Black River Gorges National Park offers its viewers a breathtaking view of nature. It will be one the best places of interest in Mauritius if you love to admire the variety of flora and fauna. Mauritius in December is the best time to visit Black river Gorges National Park. 

How to hit: You can hire a car rental or can opt for a public bus to reach this place. 

Activities to do: Bird watching, hiking, mountaineering

13. Casela Nature park

Isn’t walking along with lions a great experience? Take this experience at Casela Nature Park and encounter wide species of wild animals from all around the world. The place is not for any timid person. You must have a lot of courage to go for a jungle safari at Casela.

How to hit: Take an adventurous ride from car rentals at Mauritius airport, the road view and ride will excite you a lot. 

Activities to do: Go for a wildlife safari

14. Chamarel Waterfall

Experience the island’s highest waterfall at Chamarel with a jaw dropping view of water falling from a whopping height of 200 meters.It has always bagged a place of interest in Mauritius among tourists. What makes the view of Chamarel more breathtaking is its surroundings which are covered with lush greenery of Black River Gorges forest. One can see the view of Chamarel waterfall either from the top starting at Chamarel Seven Colored Earth reserve or at the end through swimming in deep waters of Chamarel waterfall. 

How to hit: One can take a car rental from the main city to Chamarel waterfall.

Activities to do: Explore the dense vegetation of Black River Gorges Forest, swimming in a waterfall.

15. Blue Bay Marine park

If experiencing an underwater marine life is your fantasy then, hop onto Blue Bay Marine park. You can go snorkelling in crystal clear waters of the sea  and get yourself amazed like never before after witnessing the variety of fishes and aquatic species. 

How to hit: Take a glass bottom boat trip to reach Blue Bay Marine Park.

Activities to do: witnessing sea turtles, varied species of fishes while taking a glass bottom boat ride and snorkelling.

16. Grand Bassin

Founded by a priest, this crater lake is one of the largest pilgrimages situated outside India. The place has an ancient story connected to it which narrates as ‘ Lord Shiva came with Goddess Parvati to this place and sprinkled some drops of holy water ganga making it a holy place. Grand Bassin is also known as Gnaga Talao. 

How to hit: Take a car rental in Souillac to reach Grand Bassin. 

Activities to do: Visit temples situated near it, admire the large statue of lord shiva.

17. Port Louis Market

Situated at the centre of the capital city, the Port Louis market has many things to offer you starting from handmade local handicrafts to fruits and vegetables and some etnhnic jewellery. There are many cafes and restaurants in the market to dine at. It is among some best places for shopping in Mauritius tourist attractions. 

How to hit: Take a car rental in Port louis to reach the market or one can also commute through public bus service. 

Activities to do: Binge at nearby cafes, visit caudan waterfront and buy some souvenirs.

18. Champ De Mars Racecourse

How about enjoying the national sport of the country? Visit Champ De Mars Racecourse, the second oldest racecourse in the world. Situated in the capital city of Port Louis, the racecourse was inaugurated in the year 1812 by The Mauritius Turf Club (MTC). If you are fascinated by horse riding then plan for visiting Mauritius in between April to November as the racing takes place in these months at Champ De Mars Racecourse. 

How to hit: Take a car rental in Port louis to reach Champ De Mars Racecourse.

Activities to do: Watch the racing sessions.

19. Mahebourg

Situated at the south eastern coast of Mauritius the place is famous for its historical monuments. The place will surely lure your interest if you love to explore the history and geography of the places. Also, while visiting the various monuments you can also enjoy local street food. 

How to hit:Hire a car rental from Port Louis to reach Mahebourg

Activities to do: Taste the local street food and take a stroll at historical museums.

20. Sugar Museum

Take a look at the old machine of sugar producing machines. The museum shares the glimpses of the time when sugar was given importance equivalent to Gold. You can also relish sum tasty rum and sugar testing sessions. 

How to hit: You can easily reach Sugar Museum byu hiring a car rental in Port Louis.

Located in the Indian Ocean this island is famous for its white sand beaches, pristine waters, historic monuments, captivating landscapes and wildlife which are enough to cast a spell on you with their picturesque view. The place is perfect for both i.e. who want to go on an adventure ride during their vacation and those who just want to relax near the beachside or at some exoic resort. So keeping the above list of places to Visit in Mauritius in hand while planning an itinerary will be helpful to you anytime on your vacation to Mauritius.


What are some best places to visit in Mauritius?

Black River Gorges National park, sugar museum, flic En Flac beach, Rochester falls, Port Louis market,Le Morne Beach, Apravasi Ghat(UNESCO declared heritage site) are one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. 

What are some of the most entertaining Mauritius tourist attractions with kids?

Mauritius is considered as the best holiday place among adults, but that doesn’t mean the place has any shortage of activities for children such as kids adventure park on east coast, Mauritius Aquarium, Botanical garden, sugar museum & factory 

Is it safe to travel to Mauritius in 2021?

Yes, Mauritius is in the Green zone so it is very safe to travel to Mauritius in 2021.

Is Mauritius very expensive to visit?

The adventurous sports activities are a bit costly, but overall it is a budget trip to Mauritius. 

Which is the best time to visit Mauritius?

The best time to visit Mauritius is May to October as there is less of humidity on the island and weather is also pleasant. 

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