Mauritius vs Seychelles For Honeymoon – Which One To Pick For Your 2021?

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Undoubtedly, Mauritius is an epic romantic destination loved by all the new couples travelling and wishing to travel post wedding. This picturesque island is perfect for all those couples who want to spend their honeymoon in a very adventurous and exciting way. Some of the thrilling activities which one can try on their way to Mauritius are ziplining, cave sea kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, quad biking, underwater submarine ride etc. Mauritius offers an exotic blend of Africa and India, as the maximum population on the island is Hindu. 

Seychelles being an archipelago of 115 islands on the Indian Ocean is a home to many exotic things which can be found on the ocean such as rare Aldabra tortoises, mountain rainforests, virgin pink sand beaches, nature reserves and coral reefs. The place is slowly emerging as one of the favorite honeymoon hubs of riches. With its luxurious resorts, stay homes and less crowded beaches the island is considered as an ultimate destination to start wedding life afresh on a cozy yet thrilling note. 

Locational Geography- Mauritius vs Seychelles for Honeymoon

mauritius vs seychelles-geography

To decide which is better Mauritius V/s Seychelles, it is always a good option to review both the places in terms of their Locational Geography. Hence, Mauritius is a perfect location for anyone who does not want to travel too much and just spend their honeymoon in solace with their partner on white sand beaches resting below shady Casuarina trees and mesmerizing views of coral reefs and lagoons. 

Whereas, Seychelles in itself is an island made up of 115 small islands near to it, hence you have a lot of options to wander here and there in Seychelles. Amongst all these islands, some islands are private as well, you can book a good stay there in advance to spend time with your partner. 

Costing – Mauritius vs Seychelles for Honeymoon

mauritius vs seychelles honeymoon costing

Flight– Undoubtedly, the flight to Seychelles is quite costly as compared to Mauritius. 

Resorts- Mauritius offers its travelers with massive and beautiful resorts at relatively lesser price than Seychelles. Many beach front resorts are easily accessible in Mauritius, but the same is not the case in Seychelles, Resorts are quite far away from the mainland.

Food– One can savor a good meal at relatively better prices in Mauritius as compared to Seychelles. Also, there are various options available for the vegetarians in Mauritius. 

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Difference in Best time to Visit these Islands

mauritius vs seychelles best time to visit

It is always good to know about the best time to visit the islands, as the temperatures and weather conditions may vary from time to time on various islands. 


Although Mauritius enjoys a sub-tropical climate all the year round, but May to December are considered as the best months to visit the island, the weather is pleasant during these months. One can easily enjoy all the water sport activities during these months. November to April month experiences the intensive cyclones and January to February are considered as the hottest months on the island.


Seychelles has lovely weather all round the year. You can come to the island at any time of the year and enjoy activities like scuba diving and windsurfing. 

Top Things to Do – Mauritius vs Seychelles

mauritius vs seychelles things to do

Make a list of things you can do on an island in advance before visiting the place. It will help you in not missing any important activity.


Indulge yourself into adventurous and thrilling water sport activities, go for ziplining, take a stroll at various museums, visit the ancient race course, shop from the best and in budget branded MOKA market, sip a good coffee at cafes located at Caudan Waterfront. You will run out of time but will never run out of things to do in Mauritius. 


Being an island nation Seychelles offers a wide range of water sport activities such as surfing, yachting, snorkelling and diving. 

Difference on Staying Option on these Islands

staying options in mauritius vs seychlles

A good place to stay, has a power to lift up your mood and spirit high. Hold your romance high and surprise your partner by booking your stay at these places. 


Angsana Balaclava, 20 degree SUD, Shangri La’s Touessrok resort and spa, The Oberoi Beach Resort, Constance Belle Mare are some of the amazing beach side and luxurious resorts to plan your stay in Mauritius. 


Four Seasons resort, Hilton’s Seychelles, Anantara Villas, Doubletree by Hilton are some of the most luxurious and extravagant resorts to stay and spend the beautiful period of your honeymoon in Seychelles. 

Best Beaches- Mauritius vs Seychelles



Take a troll at the island’s longest beach i.e. Flic En flac and adore the beauty of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, lagoons and coral reefs on all the beautiful beaches of the island. Mauritius is a host to more than 100 beaches on the island. 

Well if there is any right word for the food in Mauritius then it is only lip-smacking. Mauritius offers you varieties of foods from different cuisines. It is obvious for this land to have different cuisines because of the diversified population and religions. French, Portuguese, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Chinese, and different communities live here. Some of the people in past were forcefully brought while some come voluntarily and the generations keep on mixing with creole and the cuisines. Some of the popular ones are Curries, Farata, Alouda, Bois Cheri Tea, Dim sums, Dholl Puri, etc. So when you have a question in mind about Mauritius vs Seychelles honeymoon for food what’s your choice?


Seychelles beaches are perfect for all those lovers who want to spend some alone time away from the crowd. They are the ultimate definition of luxury and beauty. 

As much as the island is beautiful, similarly, the food here is also appetizing. Here you get the cuisine that has a blend of flavors from French, Chinese, and Indian cuisines including the mix of the spices and herbs of all these cuisines. Also, you can find here the best seafood absolutely fresh from the ocean. You are served with sweet, tangy, spicy mix food and some of the popular ones are Grilled Fish, Breadfruit Chips, Octopus Curry, Shark Chutney, Satini. So now you must be thinking in terms of food, which isbetter Mauritius or Seychelles? Make the choice that suits you best.

It is hard to decide which is better, Seychelles or Mauritius for Honeymoon as both places are magical in their own ways. But, let’s make this decision easy for a small conclusion that, if you are looking for spending your honeymoon near tropical beaches, hustling and bustling nightlife and within budget then Mauritius is the one for you. But, if you are viewing your honeymoon to be an ultra private affair then, Seychelles with its silver white beaches, clear lagoons and lush tropical vegetation is the best for you. So, what are you upto Mauritius or Seychelles


Q. Which among the two i.e. Mauritius and Seychelles offer the best in budget honeymoon resorts to stay?

Ans. Mauritius offers the most economical resorts to plan your stay during your honeymoon as compared to Seychelles.

Q. Which is better: Mauritius or Seychelles?

Ans. There is a very thin line if a comparison is to be made. But yes, Mauritius is always a luxurious and in budget option as compared to Seychelles. Additionally, Mauritius has many other places than just beaches; to explore. 

Q. What is the distance between Mauritius and Seychelles?

Ans. There is a distance of approximately 1752 kms between both the places. 

Q. Which place attracts a larger number of tourists- Mauritius v/s Seychelles?

Ans. Undoubtedly, Mauritius attracts a large no of tourists throughout the year as compared to Seychelles due to its pleasant weather and many attractive sites. 

Q. What is the minimum flight duration from Mauritius to Seychelles?

Ans. The air travel from Mauritius takes approximately 2 hrs and 30 minutes to reach Seychelles.  

Q. Which island Mauritius V/s Seychelles offers the most luxurious resorts?

Ans. Seychelles has a pool of luxurious yet bit costly resorts to enjoy at. If you are not having a budget constraint then book for a private villa at Seychelles with a private swimming pool and sea gaze points. 

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