Honeymoon in Mauritius- Get on a Romantic Trail this Year

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honeymoon honeymoon in mauritius

Mauritius as a honeymoon destination has never failed to impress the newly wed couple with its exemplary beauty and gorgeous places. The place has all the adventure and romantic thrill packed in it which is required to make a honeymoon in Mauritius an ideal destination. The place offers you with gushing waterfalls, rich wildlife, exotic resorts and villas, natural vegetation, white and beaches, sumptuous lagoons, mesmerizing coastlines, coral reefs and seven coloured earth and what not… You will be left speechless after seeing the boundless beauty of this paradisiacal island. Get ahead with your honeymoon journey with this amazing panoramic place and treat your spouse with the best of things to do in Mauritius on Honeymoon

Top 7 Places to Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon

Here is a list of some exotic places which you should not miss on your Mauritius Honeymoon.

1. Martello Tower Museum

romantic martello tower

Walk through the Martello Tower Museum and adore the rich architectural side of the island. The tower has been given the mark 0f national heritage which has sustained over a period of time. Situated nearby Flic En Flac island the place is an amazing getaway to explore the ancient history of the place.  

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2. Black River Gorges National Park 

black river gorges national park

Adore the stunning natural beauty of the island at Black river Gorges national park. If you both possess love for animals and plants then this is a sureshot getaway for you both. The panoramic landscapes, rich flora and fauna, dense forests, natural vegetation, waterfalls and chirping of birds make this place a must visit on your honeymoon in Mauritius. 

3. Flic En Flac Beach

flic en flac beach

Walk hand in hand on the longest beach of the island. Flic En Flac beach is among one of the topmost Mauritius honeymoon destinations. The white sand and crystal clear waters of the beach attracts a lot of tourists all around the year. You can enjoy some quality time with your partner dancing and singing on the beach as these activities are always going on the beach side making it a more interesting place to visit on honeymoon in Mauritius. 

4. Ganga Talao

ganga talao

Located in the Savanne district of Mauritius, the Ganga Talao is a holy place to embark on a spiritual experience. This place is famous for most of the Hindu tourists as there are statues of lord Shiva, Hanuman and Durga along the lake side. The place attracts a lot of tourists at the time of Mah Shivratri celebration as it has a big idol of Lord Shiva situated in the place and some ancient history attached to the place. 

5. Chamarel Waterfalls

chamarel waterfall

Experience the gush of water at Chamarel waterfalls, also known as the highest waterfalls points in the island. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Mauritius, as you can hear the sound of waters whining while flowing from a top and can also bathe in the waterfall down, making it a romantic water bath with your partner. One can have a look of the waterfall from both the places i.e. the top and bottom. 

6. Casela Nature Park

Well to determine who is the stronger in the couple, going on a jeep safari to Casela Natural Park is a must. It is not the typical romantic places in mauritius but surely the one you will enjoy with your partner. Get into the jeep and enjoy the open ride when surrounded by tigers, leopards, and elephants. This is typically for the daredevils who have like brave hearts to explore the animals from such closeness. If you are thinking that which all places you can visit here then stop thinking about where to go in Mauritius for Honeymoon, you will find ample places here that make you jaw-dropped.

7. Beach hopping

Well, hanging around hand in hand is one of the most romantic things you can do with your partner. Mauritius is full of beaches and has the finest beaches in all, so how can you miss exploring the top-notch beaches like Grand Bay, Pereybere, Belle Mare, and Blue Bay where you can sit and cuddle with your partner- one of the best Mauritius things to do for honeymoon. I know this must be the first activity that must be in your mind when it is about spending some time with your partner. Along the beachside, you can also enjoy the lip-smacking Mauritian delicacies and street food.

Top 5 Things to do in Mauritius on Honeymoon

Do not miss doing these below mentioned 5 amazing things with your partner during Mauritius Honeymoon.

1. Enjoy Double Kayaking

double kayaking

How about exploring the underwater sea life while kayaking through the caves of Albion? The glass bottom kayak rides allow you to experience the rich sea life with your partner amidst the turquoise blue waters and beautiful flora and fauna. The kayaking is conducted in extreme supervision of experts. 

Places: Case Nautique, Mahebourg, Albion caves and north Mauritius.  

Price: Starts with 79 Euros per adult. 

2. Romance on Catamaran Cruise

romantic catamaran cruise

Make your honeymoon an ultra romantic affair by hopping on a romantic catamaran tour with your partner. Enjoy the sun’s descent, dolphins and whales dancing on the sea waves with a glass of wine in your hand. The cruise is one of the amazing experiences which a couple must keep on their list of things to do in Mauritius on Honeymoon. 

Place of start: Grand baie 

Duration of trip: 2 hours. 

3. Underwater Walk

underwater sea walk

Experience the enthralling underwater sea walk hand in hand with your spouse. The crystal clear shallow wears at the side of Grand baie beach allows you to view the beauty of underwater life with your partner. You can view a large species of aquatic animals and many beautiful coral reefs down there. 

Price: 37 Euros per person. 

4. Skydiving


If you both have an adventurous spirit then, then take an aerial view of the beautiful island through skydiving together, add some thrill to your romance in Mauritius, the honeymoon destination. 

Location: Carried out in the sugar fields of Mon Loisir, 10,000 feet above the sea level. The aerial view offers you a breathtaking view of beautiful mountains, lagoons, dense forests and the crystal clear blue waters. 

Price: 49 Euros per person. 

5. Shopping

shopping in mauritius

Mauritius is not only a beach destination but a shopping destination too. And if you are on a honeymoon, then the island has some famous shopping places to take a stroll along with your partner. But the next big question here is, from where to shop? Mauritius places to visit for honeymoon has some amazing places to satiate your’s and your partner’s shopping spree such as Bagatelle Mall – Moka, le craft market, phoenix mall, curepipe, Baie bazaar, floreal square, central market-port louis, Arsenal- pamplemousses district and Quatre Bornes Market – Plaines Wilhems are some of the places which offers best value for money. 

Activities and places are better if done together. So add an extra tint of romance in our lives by planning for your honeymoon in Mauritius. The island is full of romantic places to spend some quality time with your spouse and feel the love deeply for each other. From amazing white sand beaches to barbaric mountains you have it all at just one place, so book your tickets in advance to this heaven on earth and go for a romantic honeymoon with your partner. 

Having pleasant weather is very important to make the trip comfortable. If you are regularly worried about landslides, extreme heat, rains, chilling cold, so better choose the best time to visit Mauritius for honeymoon. This is very important. Well, here you can visit from May to December. This time temperature and atmosphere are suitable for everyone when the weather is dry, cool, and sunny. So visit here in between these months and make sure you enjoy every bit of it.


Q1. Is it safe to go for a honeymoon in Mauritius?

Ans. Yes, it is extremely safe to go for a honeymoon in Mauritius. The island is among the topmost preferences of all the newly wed couples worldwide. 

Q2. Which are the best months to visit Mauritius’ best places on honeymoon?

Ans. May to December is considered as the perfect time to plan for a honeymoon in Mauritius.

Q3. Does Mauritius have exotic resorts to book for a Honeymoon?

Ans. Mauritius offers a wide range of exotic resorts, hotels and villas to spend some quality time with your soulmate on your honeymoon.

Q4. Is Mauritius expensive to visit?

Ans. Mauritius as a honeymoon destination is quite a budget place for all the new wed couples with a wide variety of adventure sports, places to visit and things to do in Mauritius it is among the first choice of all the couples. 

Q5. Where can one enjoy a candle light dinner with their partner in Mauritius?

Ans. Balaclava in Mauritius is considered as one of the top most places to go for a candle night dinner with your spouse. This beach side candle light dinner is something a couple will never forget to entice for their whole life. La Plage Beach Club Restaurant, Château Mon Désir, The Stars Restaurant in the Shanti Maurice and Le Flamboyant are some of the amazing getaways to plan for a romantic candle light dinner honeymoon in Mauritius.

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