Get Blended Into Various Colours Of Life By Celebrating Holi In Mauritius in 2021

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Mauritius is an island with diverse people living together and celebrating all the festivals like one family. The beauty which the island beholds in its landscape is hidden from no one and can be witnessed all around the year. But the beauty magnifies itself during the festival season. And what else can ever be better than getting your soul blended in the festival of colours along with a mist of sea breeze. Holi in Mauritius is celebrated by people of all the communities with great joy by arranging for a bonfire, smearing various powder colours on each other, eating sweets and chanting some really amazing songs.

Experience the Rich Culture of Island During Holi Festival in 2021

This year Holi will be celebrated on 29th March, Monday in Mauritius. The day is seen as a Public Holiday for all the people in Mauritius. The two day fest will begin on 28th of March, with Holika Dahan.

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When Holi is Celebrated in Mauritius Every Year?

The fest starts on the day of Poornima, when there is full moon and last for a night and day. Holi is a religious festival celebrated by Hindu’s, and more than half of the Mauritian is Hindu so the festival is celebrated with a great joy on the island. The festival is celebrated every year in the month of March, however, the date varies each year as per Hindu Calendar, but the day is regarded as a national holiday for all.

Significance of Holi – Victory Over Evil of Truth

Holi brings the social message with it i.e., Victory over Evil of Truth. Along with this, the festival marks the beginning of Spring season on the island where there are flowers blooming everywhere and nature is dressed at its best. It is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest.

With many such belief related to the festival most interesting dates back to the time of Radha and Krishna. Lord Krishna being the eighth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu is said to have blue skin because he was given the poisonous drink by the devil Putna when he was born and he acquired blue skin from thereon. But when Lord Krishna grew up, he fell in love with Radha, but he was conscious of the fact that will Radha love him or not because of his skin tone- but to his surprise Radha accepted him the way he was. Hence, on the festival of Holi, people apply colours on each other’s face and honour the love of Radha and Krishna. 

Overcoming evil with the truth has got its significance from the story of Hiranyakashyap. He considered himself superior to any other God, because of the fact that he claimed himself to be immortal and wanted that everyone should worship him. But, his son Prahalad used to worship God Vishnu which made him really furious. So, to end this evil Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of half lion and half man and killed the Hirankashyap, the evil and conquered the evil with truth. 

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Holi Celebration in Mauritius – The Celebrations Last for Two Days

Holi is celebrated for 2 days on the island. Day 1 is known as Holika Dahan, wherein people all around light a bonfire and celebrate the winning of Good over Evil, all these rituals are followed by singing, dancing and dining some really tasty food altogether. The next day is followed with celebrating with colours, people put colours on each other’s face; play with water jets, Pichkari’s and exchange sweets and deserts with each other.

As a part of celebration, Drums and musical instruments are played by the, with folk singers and dancers tapping their feet together on folk songs. There is no specific place where the festival is celebrated you can see the colors spread in the air everywhere on the island be it beaches, parks, streets, houses etc. As a part of age old tradition, people also visit their relatives and seek blessing from all the elders. People seek this day as a day to celebrate and sit for some valuable talks with their friends and family.

Hop onto the island and join the locals in celebrating this festival of colours i.e. Holi in Mauritius. Isn’t it tempting? We look forward to your great and thrilling vacation ahead in the tropical island, in case of any queries; feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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FAQs – Holi Festival in Mauritius 2021

Q1. When is the festival of colour, Holi celebrated in Mauritius?

Ans. Holi is celebrated in the month of March every year, though the date differs every year as per Hindu calendar.

Q2. Is Holi a Hindu Festival?

Ans. Yes, Holi being a Hindu festival is celebrated by other communities on the island too.

Q3. Which is the best time to visit Mauritius?

Ans. The tropical climate of the island welcomes travelers all round the year, but there are few months which are best suited for all the travelers such as May to December when the winter season arrives on the island and there is less of humidity and scorching heat in the weather.

Q4. Is it safe to travel Mauritius during Holi?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to travel the island during the festival of Holi. 

Q5. How many public holidays are there in Mauritius?

Ans. There are approximately 15 public holidays in Mauritius.

Q6. How many days should one spend in Mauritius to explore it all?

Ans. One should spend at-least 6-7 days in Mauritius to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the island.

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