Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius – A must to have experience on your Honeymoon

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honeymoon honeymoon in mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most favoured places among couples for honeymoon getaway. It is because of its surreal beauty and once in a lifetime experiences such as Catamaran Ride. However, the island is full of adventurous activities and scenic places, but the cruise ride is one among the top most things to do in Mauritius. Who would like to miss the opportunity of gazing at the setting sun while sailing on the sea waters and enjoying the drink with their beloved ones. The 3 hour ride in the cruise, allows you to customize the activities you want to do while riding on a Catamaran Cruise, Mauritius. There is an option to choose from a group trip or a private ride as per your requirements and needs. If you are seeking an ultra private affair with your partner, then book for a private catamaran cruise. 

Major places covered while sailing through the cruise are Gabriel Island, Flat island, Ile Aux Cerfs and West Coast. 

All You Should Know About Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius

Right from the places you can visit on a Catamaran ride to the things you can explore being on cruise we have summed it all up for you in the points mentioned below. 

Gabriel island

gabriel island to enjoy catamaran cruise riding in mauritius

Nestled far away from the chaos of the city life, the island is no less than a treat for travelers who are in search of utmost solitude with their lovers. With unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters and perfect dive places the island is best suited for all the nature lovers, snorkelers and photography paramours. Enjoy a day full of relaxation near the island mesmerizing coastline and basalt lava rocks. Popularly known as Ilot Gabriel, the island is situated at the extreme north of Mauritius, to cruise for the island departs from Grand Baie and sails you along Coin De Mire, which is a perfect place to spot dolphins and whales splashing on the ocean water, hence it is coined at the best Catamaran Dolphin Cruise Mauritius. The total duration from Grand Baie to Gabriel Island is 1.5 hours. 

Duration: 7 hours and 30 minutes

Charges: Approximately 587 Euros

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Flat Island

flat island for catamaran cruise in mauritius riding

Explore some of the virgin beaches of Mauritius amidst a day full of bright light, exotic dishes and drinks while sailing on a Catamaran Cruise to Flat Island. Situated off the north coast of Mauritius, the island is neighbour to Gabriel Island, situated at a distance of just 750 meters. However, the Flat island is more wide and has lush vegetation in comparison to Gabriel Island, but being less visited and traveled by people, the aura on the island is quiet and calm, thus perfect for all the newlyweds to spend some quality time with each other. One can take a ride to Flat ride from Grand Baie, a city situated at the north tip of Mauritius. 

Duration: 7 hours and 30 minutes

Charges: Approximately 590 Euros

Ile Aux Cerfs

ile aux cerf mauritius

Being one of the best picture perfect beaches, Ile Aux Cerf is situated at the east coast of the island and is a home to island best watersports and rich flora and fauna. One can take a Catamaran Ride to Ile Aux Cerfs via Catamaran Cruise which departs from Trou D’eau Douce(central east coast) and Blue Bay (south east coast). The total duration from both these places is 1.5 hours and one can enjoy a BBQ lunch, soft drinks, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages while on trip. The most exciting part of the ride comes when it sails you from the canal of Ile Aux Cerf and Anahita’s world class sanctuary. If you are a water sport lover, then you can also go snorkelling in the deep sea waters of the ocean and experience the tropical aquatic life under sea. 

Duration: 6 hours

Charges: Approximately 560 Euros 

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West Coast

west coast mauritius

The west coast of Mauritius is known for its rich marine life. Also, the beach attracts a lot of travelers and the no’s keep on increasing year by year due to its unique wilderness and beauty it offers to the travelers. If you take a Catamaran ride to the west coast then you get to witness the beautiful lagoons, cliffs, Rempart mountain range, dense forests, Black River, Tamarin Bay and fresh breeze throughout the sailing duration. 

Duration: 7 hours and 30 minutes

Charges: Approximately 678 Euros. 

Romantic Dinner

romantic dinner in mauritius

How about relishing the tastiest cuisines on the island with your partner while sailing through the crystal clear blue waters of the sea? Give your tongue a treat of BBQ dinner, veg and non-veg cuisines and some exotic drinks of the island. It is no less than an unforgettable experience for you and your partner to cherish about your honeymoon forever. 

Since, now you’re loaded with all the fascinating things about Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius, so it will be easy for you to plan an itinerary to the place. The island is not only for the beach babies but also for the adventure lovers and for those who want to try something new on their coming vacation. In case of any queries drop us a comment in the comments section below, we will be happy to address all your queries and make your vacation a memorable affair. 

FAQ’s – Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius

Q1. Which are the top Catamaran Cruises in Mauritius?

Ans. Ilot Gabriel Catamaran Cruise, Catamaran cruise to Ile Aux Cerfs, Luxury Catamaran Cruise to Ile Aux Bénitiers are the top Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius.

Q2. Which is the best catamaran cruise to spend some lonely time with your partner?

Ans. You can opt for a Ile Aux Cerfs Catamaran tour away from the crowd of normal cruise and spend some quality time with your beloved one. 

Q3. What are the various views to enjoy with your partner on a catamaran cruise during your honeymoon?

Ans. Whale watching and Submarine tours are the best experiences to take on Catamaran Mauritius.

Q4. Which is the best time to go for a Catamaran dolphin cruise Mauritius?

Ans. May to December is considered as the most pleasant time to visit Mauritius. It is during this time when the temperatures are low and dolphins come  on the water surface playing with each other. 

Q5. Are complimentary snacks and drinks provided after boarding on Catamaran Cruise?

Ans. Yes, complimentary juice, wine and snacks are provided on the Catamaran cruise after boarding. 

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