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Away from all the touristy affairs of Mauritius, exists the beautiful and serene village, Bel Ombre. It is the perfect relaxation hub for all kinds of travellers and a perfect dreamland for the couples on their trips looking for privacy and romance. Bel Ombre offers magical panoramic views and sun-kissed beaches, making it a picture-perfect holiday destination. Soak in the lush greenery and spend moments of introspection by the Rochester Falls and Alexandra Falls. A simple walk by the Gris Gris beach or will fill you up with immense tranquility, joy and contentment. Riviere Des Galets beach also makes for an enchanting sight. And if you want to witness the breathtaking views of mountains of Bel Ombre then you must visit Heritage Nature Reserve. And while you’re in Bel Ombre do visit Musee Du Coquillage, a well-known museum of shells ensuring a visual delight to the visitors. Visiting all of these places is a task in itself but you can make it easy by hiring the best Car rental in Bel Ombre.

Different car rental options in Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre is such a beautiful place and offers so many alluring places to visit that you just can’t afford to miss out on any one. So the best way to cover all the places on your list is to hire the best car rental in Bel Ombre. InnCarHolidays has a wide range of options to fit in your budget and needs. Find the list of various car rentals available at InnCarHolidays extending from 7 seaters, SUV, Pick up, Economy, Mini and intermediate and select the best as per your requirement.

Car TypeModelNo. of PassengersIdeal for
7 seatersSuzuki Ertiga, honda freed7a pleasant trip with large family members.
SUVHyundai creta, Nissan Quashai7For a premium ride with amily members
Pick upToyota hilux5For a short trip with your family.
EconomyHyundai Grand i10, Toyota vitz5for a best in budget trip
MiniKIA Picanto5For a budget trip with your family.
intermediateNissan almera, Hyundai accent, Suzuki ciaz5a joyous ride with your partner.

Top tips for renting a car in Bel Ombre

  1. Go through the terms and conditions carefully: Before taking up any car rental service, carefully read all the terms and instructions so that you don’t have to pay any extra charges later.
  2. Always make your bookings in advance: When you make the booking on the day of travel, you end up paying a hefty amount so it is always suggested to make all your bookings in advance.
  3. Check before you rent: Always, we repeat, always check the car before you rent it in Bel Ombre. Even better if you click the pictures before you rent it so they can’t charge you in the name of any damage.
  4. Avoid renting a car from the Airport: Booking car rental from airports costs more than what it does when you rent it in the city.
  5. Use a credit card for making payments: Instead of debit cards prefer using credit cards for making payments.

Why InnCarHolidays

  1. Best car rental brand: With a lot of happy customers worldwide InnCarHolidays has made a name for itself in the car rental business.
  2. Best prices: We assure you the best prices in the market with better facilities and comfort.
  3. Location coverage: with 10k + locations we serve a wide base of customers worldwide.
  4. Wide range of options: We provide customers with a variety of car rental options to choose from depending on their needs.
  5. No. of partners: We have partnered with 500+ companies to provide you with the best car rental deals.

Bel ombre has a lot of places that are worth visiting and each one is equally mesmerizing. From hush green beaches to local restaurants, Natural reserve to the Museum, each place has it’s own importance. So don’t miss out on any one. Plan your trip to Bel Ombre with InnCarHolidays, the best Car rental in Bel Ombre. Let us know if you have any doubts or queries in the comment section or you can reach out to us on our website.


Q1. What kinds of car rentals are available in Bel Ombre?

Ans. Depending on your requirement InnCarHolidays provides you with 7 different options starting from minis to 7 seater SUV’s.

Q2. How to hire the best car rental in Bel Ombre?

Ans. In order to get the best deals on car rental in Bel Ombre you should make your bookings in advance i.e before starting your trip. It will save you a lot of bucks and help you get the best deals.

Q3. Does the rental car come with a driver or do we have to drive it ourself?

Ans. InnCarHolidays provides you with a driver as well so you don’t have to scratch your head finding routes. You just sit and enjoy the ride.

Q4. What happens if we forget something in the rental car?

Ans. You can contact the car rental agency and ask them to check the car for your stuff and get that back easily if it’s there.

Q5. Is renting a car in Bel Ombre safe?

Ans. Renting a car in Bel Ombre is absolutely safe. With InnCarHolidays, you get a safe and sound ride.