Underwater Sea Walk in Mauritius – Major Highlights

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If you are looking for something unique on your vacation this time then, an underwater sea walk is a must to take an experience on the island. Go for around 3-4 meters deep into the sea waters and see all your worries and tensions fading away while witnessing the aquatic life so close  to you. Take a once in a lifetime unique experience of passing by the coral reefs, admiring the variety of fishes, natural habitat and exploring the rich seawater flora and fauna. However, you need not to worry, even if you don’t know swimming the experts will take you to an amazing walk with all the safety measures considered. Though underwater sea  walk in Mauritius is once in a lifetime experience, but the memories it gives to you are for a lifetime. 

Eligibility for Underwater Sea Walk in Mauritius

A person should have a minimum 10 years of age to become eligible for Underwater Seawalk. Also, he/she should be physically and mentally fit to perform this activity. 

Safety Tips for Underwater Sea Walk in Mauritius

underwater sea walk in mauritius
  • Listen to all the instructions carefully as provided by the instructor. In case of any queries reach out to the instructor.
  • If you have any kind of heart disease or you are pregnant, then avoid doing this activity.
  • If you want to get the underwater views captured, tell the instructor beforehand. 
  • Make sure you plan to do the activity on weekdays, as Sundays are closed.
  • Bring your own swimming costumes and towels with you, although the shoes will be provided by the tour operator. 
  • If you wear spectacles or any kind of contact lenses, you need not to worry as the helmet will keep your head dry and safe from the water. 
  • Make sure you equalize the air pressure, once step down under the water otherwise you may have to come again on the surface and start the activity again. 

Best Places to Go for Underwater Sea Walk in Mauritius

Grand Baie Beach is one of the most prominent places to go for an underwater sea walk in Mauritius. Solar seawalk undersea Ltd provides one of the most unique experiences of Underwater sea walk in Mauritius. The place is crowded throughout the year, so make sure you book your time slots well in advance.  

Total Duration of Underwater Sea walk

The total duration of activity is 1 hours which includes 12-15 minutes of underwater sea walk. 

Underwater Sea walk Mauritius Price

The per person undersea walk Mauritius price is 37 Euros. 

Best Time to Visit Mauritius

May to December is considered as the best time to reach Mauritius. Though the tropical climate of the place makes it a favourable place to visit throughout the year, the month of May welcomes the winters in Mauritius which lasts till December. Thus, there will be less heat outside making it pleasant for you to enjoy at the beach side and do all the fun filled adventurous activities. 

How to Reach Mauritius

underwater seawalk

One can reach Mauritius either by air or by water mode. Though, the air mode is considered by many travelers as it is budget friendly and a time saver too. However, for your reference we have mentioned details about both the modes below.

By Air: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, located 48 kms away from the capital city of Port Louis the international airport of Mauritius, is a major air traffic handler at the island. It is connected to almost all the major cities of the world such as Dubai, vienna, London, Paris etc. No need to worry if your place is not in the list you can anytime opt for a connecting flight to Mauritius. 

By water:  If you are having plenty of time in your hand, then you can at any time opt for a water mode of travel to hop onto Island. Sailing through the waters of Indian Ocean is in itself a very unique experience, take a cruise from Rodrigues, Madagascar and Durban island to reach the place. 

Additionally, once if you have reached this paradise then you can book a car rental in Mauritius with one of the finest car agencies and make your vacation a memorable affair. They can help you plan better for your journey and will take you with all the comfort, luxury and safety on this trip to Mauritius. 

This island nation has much to offer in its bag of adventure, it is you who has to gear up all your energy and spirit to go on an adventure ride on this paradise. Even if you are a non-swimmer type of person, then also the adventure activities like Underwater sea walk in Mauritius won’t leave you from getting wet in the warm sea waters. So, plan a trip to this nature’s beautiful place and feel the intense pleasure of walking through the marine line. In case of any queries do let us know we are there to help you and make your vacation a memorable affair. 


Q. Is it safe to go for an underwater sea walk in Mauritius?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to go for an underwater sea walk in Mauritius, unless you are hydrophobic. The activity does not require you to be a pro in swimming, you can easily get your feet trained for an underwater sea walk. 

Q. What is an underwater walk in Mauritius?

Ans. By Underwater walk it means you get to walk on the marine bed of the sea experiencing the underwater world in close proximity.

Q. What is the total duration of Underwater sea walk?

Ans. The whole activity lasts for about an Hour in which 12-15 minutes are there for walking in the sea. 

Q. What are the operating hours of Underwater sea walks in Mauritius?

Ans. The activity generally takes place between 9 am to 2: 30 pm on all days.

Q. What is the minimum age required to go for an underwater sea walk?

Ans. One has to be at least 10 years of age to go for an underwater sea walk in Mauritius. 

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