Mauritius Independence Day – History and Celebration in 2021

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Mauritius is an island full of pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, amazing lagoons, luxurious resorts, diverse ethnic communities, dense rainforests, rich wildlife and mesmerizing landscapes. Situated 800 km east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the island has a rich history which dates back to those days of Independence. We have bought this detailed blog for you to have all the information on Mauritius independence day, how the nation got independence ruled by various foreign colonies on the island, its struggle of many years to become an independent colony and the day when it became a Republic Nation. 

All One Must Know About Mauritius Independence Day

Here is a detailed list of important events and dates which narrates the story of Mauritius National Day. Over and above the past facts, if you want to know about the history of Mauritius, then visit this beautiful island, every beach, museum, market, monument, art galleries, lighthouse and even the old time restaurants has a story to narrate about Mauritius Independence day. 

When This Island Celebrate its Independence Day

Annually Mauritius marks its Independence day on 12th of March. Also known as the National Day or Republic Day, 12th March marks two important events in the history of the island i.e, Island got its independence from the Britishers on 12th March, 1968 and declared itself as a Republic Nation on the 12th March, 1992. 

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When Did Mauritius Become Independent

Mauritius gained its Independence back in 1968 when the British. When we look into the days when the island declared it’s independence and today, then we can definitely portray a different picture of both the situations. Back then, due to communal riots everywhere, it was hard to imagine how things would move further, but today when we see this flourished nation where everyone is happy and cheerful with no civil wars and people staying together peacefully it has an image of a flourished nation among the rest of the world, one of the most successful countries of African continent.

How Did This Island Gained Its Independence

Mauritius hoisted the flag of the Independent state within the Commonwealth with a Governor General of British Monarch representing the head of the island. Gaining Independence didn’t come easy for Mauritius because even after declaring it as an independent state, there were communal riots all over the island, which led to the declaration of state of Emergency on the island. Even the big political leaders were not clear on the situation of what is going to happen in future, what all struggles are yet to overcome, etc. 

History of Mauritius Freedom

Mauritius Independence Day and Republic Day

Mauritius got its name in the honour of Dutch Prince Maurits van Nassau of the 17th century. Passing through the hands of many rulers starting from the Dutch, French to Britain the welcoming position on the world map and trade route connectivity with Indian Ocean, it was a favourite of many European nations, but finally became a colony of Britain in 1810. 

It was in 1959, when the then British Prime Minister gave the speech stating their intention of giving independence to colonies acquired by then, Mauritius too strongly pitched for self rule. In 1966, Mauritius Labour party and self ruled parties got a long time victory in the elections and on 12th March 1968, the island adopted its own constitution. Exactly 24 years to that, Mauritius got its proclamation as a Republic Nation in the British Commonwealth. 

Mauritius Independence Day and Republic Day 2021 Celebration

Every year Mauritius celebrates its Independence day on 12th March, by showing bright and colourful flags all over the island, showcasing the pride of their nation. To celebrate this National day of Mauritius, a special flag hoisting ceremony takes place wherein military parades are conducted and live music is played. Year 2021, will be the first post pandemic year when Independence day will be celebrated, hence a high amount of precautions will be taken. 

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So, with all the information in your hand regarding the Mauritius Independence day history, mark Mauritius in your next ‘TO GO’ list. Explore its divine beauty, spend some time in solace on its profoundly beautiful beaches, take a stroll at various museums, old horse tracks, art galleries and most importantly the UNESCO marked national heritage sites which have an amazing story to tell. In case of any queries do let us know in the comments section below.

Moreover, to witness the islands’ beauty in and out one can definitely hire a car rental in Mauritius and enjoy the very hook and corners of the island.


Q1. When did Mauritius gain Independence?

Ans. Mauritius gained its Independence on 12th March, 1968 with Governor General from the British monarch, representing himself as the head of the state.

Q2. How does Mauritius celebrate Independence day?

Ans. Mauritius celebrates its Independence day by hoisting a flag at Champ- De- Mars in Port Louis, the capital city of the island, followed by parades, speeches from political leaders, and celebrations all around by dancing and eating savoury food.

Q3. What are some authentic dishes to taste in Mauritius?

Ans. It is very well said that if you want to explore a place at its best, then you must taste its local food, similar is the case for Mauritius. If you love to experiment with food and what you eat then you must try Boulettes also known as Mauritian Dim Sum, biryani, dholl puri and roti, Sept Cari, Mine Frite, Gâteau Piment and Riz Frite.

Q4. What are the various museums situated in Mauritius?

Ans. Blue Penny Museum, Folk Museum of Indian Immigration\, Frederik Hendrik Museum, Musée de la Photographie, National History Museum, Mahebourg, Natural History Museum, Port-Louis, Robert Edward Hart Memorial Museum, Sookdeo Bissoondoyal Memorial Museum are some of the best museums to explore in Mauritius. They narrate the story of ancient Mauritius very well.

Q5. How can one reach Mauritius?

Ans. One can easily reach Mauritius via Air or Sea route. 
Air Route: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, which is situated 50 kms away from the capital city of Port Louis has flight connectivity from various places. It is considered as the easiest route to reach Mauritius. 
Sea Route: One can also take a sea route to reach Mauritius, it has a Port at Port Louis. One can take a holiday cruise to sail to this beautiful island. However, this route is considered as the most time consuming and tiring one. 

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