Maldives vs Mauritius – Where Would You Like To Go On Your Honeymoon In 2021?

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Maldives vs Mauritius for honeymoon – Beaches, resorts, dense forests, blue waters, plenty of water sport activities both the island nations have many things in common. In addition to this, both these islands share the waters of Indian Ocean. But what counts as a major difference is the various sightseeing’s, culture, cost and cuisine of both the island nation. 

Mauritius is famous for its various sightseeing’s, white sand beaches and cultural heritage sites. Now, you must be getting confused about which place to choose for your Honeymoon or your next vacation! You need not to worry anymore, we have bought all the details of both the places for you, making it easy to choose between the two, go for any of the options without regrets. Here comes the Maldives vs Mauritius for you:

Details You Must Know to Differentiate Between Maldives vs Mauritius for Honeymoon

We have compiled all the minute details for you, check below for the detailed information:

Climatic Conditions

Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. Generally, the temperatures are high, with high humid levels in the air. Cyclones hit the island in the month of January to April, hence these months are the wettest on the island. May to December is considered as the best month to visit the island. 

Maldives too faces a tropical climate all round the year with high temperatures and humidity levels.  Tropical cyclones hit the island in the month of August to November. The beauty of Maldives can be explored anytime during November to April. 

Cost Factor

If budget on vacation is your main concern, then Mauritius is always a better option for you. With good deals on hotel stays, food, travel expenses, shopping at local markets, Mauritius is a perfect place to plan your next vacation. From extreme luxury to mid sized budget things you can get them all depending on your budget. 

Maldives is quite expensive as compared to Mauritius, in terms of food and stay. All the bills in Maldives are billed in Dollars hence, the prices are generally high. 

Thrill and Adventure

If you are an adventure freak, then Mauritius will definitely attract you. It is a perfect place for all the adrenaline junkies out there such as scuba diving, snorkelling, waterskiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, quad biking, ziplining etc. One can try all these activities at a very nominal rate. 

As compared to Mauritius, Maldives has fewer adventure options, as the places are generally very far away from each other. One can go for swimming, bird watching, diving in the warm sea waters of Maldives. If you are on your honeymoon to Maldives, then the island offers the perfect solace to you. 

Traveler Base – Solo/Honeymoon/Family

Mauritius attracts a mix of travelers community, the island is a wide preference among solo travelers, couples and families. There are resorts which offer a special kid zone, relaxing zone for old family members and lovely beach side suites for newly weds. 

Maldives too welcomes every traveler with open arms, floating bungalows are the main point of attraction among honeymoon couples, the island also has some isolated areas which are perfect for solo travelers who are in search of tranquility. Families might not get much to explore in Maldives as there are few such family spots. 


Mauritius has a very diverse culture which can be easily witnessed at various places of the city. Main places to visit in Mauritius are the city of Port Louis, Chamarel Coloured Earth, Le Morne beach, Flic En Flac Beach. 

As compared to Mauritius, Maldives is a very small city with only two main places to explore i.e. Capital city of Male and Seenu. The modern culture in Maldives is influenced by British, Dutch and Muslim community who reside here on the island. Main places to visit in Maldives are Sun Island, Male Atoll and Kudadoo island.


When in Mauritius, you don’t have to worry much about eating, as there are many options available to you. You can stop and taste the various delicacies at street side vendors, restaurants and cafes. Thai, Italian, Chinese, Mauritian all types of cuisine are available on the island to savour your taste buds and hungry stomach. Apart from, food Mauritian wine is also something which one must not miss. 

Whereas, food options in Maldives are limited to fish, fruits and sweet dishes. Also, it is not allowed to drink alcohol outside the resort or restaurant. Options are limited in terms of places to eat. If one wants to taste the local cuisine then there are multiple options available on Island of Male. 


For the exotic experience and the surreal beauty, visiting the island nation in the Indian Ocean is a must. Mauritius though known for its diversified and rich culture serves you much more beyond your thinking.  There is always a comparison going on that Maldives or Mauritius which is better, then for that you have to visit each individually. Mauritian beaches have another level respect all over the world because it gives you the bourgeoning flora and fauna. The glittery water amid the white sand makes the view serene and the surroundings tranquil. Choose from the wide options available here Tamarin, La Cuvette Beach Grand Bay, Flic En Flac Beach, etc.


Well, the sparkling blues looks always stunning, making the Maldives a perfect romantic spot. This is not just for the couples but for everyone who wants to make some good time from the mundane life. This place offers the perfect mishmash of white sand with the most beautiful beaches making it eye-pleasing. The scenic beauty of this land attracts countless tourists every year from all over the world. There is always a struggle between Mauritius vs Maldives, but here the Maldives gives you the option to enjoy the tranquil and serene vacation with Hulhumale, Bikini, Veligandu Island Beaches, Reethi Beach, Cocoa Island Beaches, etc.

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To choose Maldives vs Mauritius is a long time debate, going on from generation to generation and has till not ended. But to make this complex task of deciding for the places easy we have compiled all the details for you in a very simple manner. Hope you find the information useful. In case of any queries, drop us a comment in the comments section below, we will be happy to help you. 

FAQ’s – Maldives vs Mauritius for Honeymoon

Q. Which island hosts the better hotels?

Ans. One can find those amazing water bungalows, floating on the sea water in Maldives whereas Mauritius is a host to world class beach resorts and hotels. Most of these resorts have won awards many times. If you are looking for the best hotels to stay then, Mauritius is definitely a place for you to go on next vacation. 

Q. Which place is better for solo travelers- Mauritius or Maldives?

Ans. Maldives is more of a couple place, but if you are looking for a place to visit solo and do a lot of water sport adventures then, Mauritius is there for you. 

Q. Which is more expensive Maldives or Mauritius?

Ans. Mauritius is way cheaper than Maldives, you can travel, eat, stay and enjoy various water sport activities at a relatively fair price in Mauritius as compared to Maldives. Maldives is more of a luxurious destination. 

Q. How many days are enough to explore Mauritius at its best?

Ans. You require approximately 5-6 days to explore the beauty of Mauritius in and out. 

Q. Which is better: Mauritius or Maldives?

Ans. Both the places are considered to be the epitome of natural beauty. Whereas, Mauritius is a perfect destination for solo travelers, honeymoon couples and family but Maldives is a perfect for only Honeymoon lovers. Also, if we compare the budget of both the places, Mauritius is relatively cheaper as compared to Maldives which has exorbitant prices. 

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